Inside 1980′s the population creating home gyms began to grow. Since then, the home gym has changed and the percentage in the population with best home gym has almost tripled. These are not your dad’s home gym set ups, where you would probably find a weight bench in the basement, a weight belt, some free weights lying on the floor and boom container on the floor. With an entire industry dedicated to home gym use, people today can put together a room that mimics the best with public gyms out there.

But what is the appeal of home gyms? Well, as they say, just getting there is more than enough of a deterrence than the actual workout. With our busy schedules today it is hard to take 40 minutes away from your schedule to get a workout in, but add a half hour of traffic each way plus parking troubles, and most of us can’t get there as often as we would like. Then once you get there, it is packed, lines for certain devices, you can’t get on a treadmill, a class is full or you are late, and worse yet, there is a mess of sweat left by the last person to use the machine.

At your own home gym you can get a workout in as soon as you get some spare time. You can even workout at 1am if you so desire. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits with the ability to toss in a spur of the moment workout. Having the machines that you want in your home gym allows you to get the workout designed to your system. Something that provides aerobic activity such as a treadmill and something that provides resistance is the perfect combination.

Throw in a audio system connected to your Ipod and you’ve got your own music piped through the room to inspire you. Maybe you enjoy yoga and you’ve got some yoga mats and balls in your gym for a perfect zen workout inside peace and quiet of your own home.

For those who work from home, sneaking in a workout during a busy work day is great. Stay at home mothers and dads take advantage of napping babies or kids playing to do a quick run on their treadmills while watching Oprah on television set. Nowadays, home gyms can be elaborate and fill every need. Some are decked out with and decorative mirrors, steam room, shower, sauna, yoga area, weight machines, free weights, treadmills, elipticals, stationary bikes and more.

Using flat screen televisions, stereo systems and air conditioning, there is no better place to work out. What is nicer than gaining your favorite tunes or watching your favorite show, in your clean and cool home gym, with no waiting for the equipment, virtually no small talk with strangers and a relaxing atmosphere? Some people call it their little oasis away from work, your offspring and the spouse. A nice break in the day to cater to your body and mind in your personal space. Property gyms have certainly changed with our busy society.