When researching the most appealing alternatives I could find for a home gym purchase, I settled on the Bayou Total Wellness and fitness Trainer DLX III. Although I didn’t have an interest in Pilates at the time, the Total Trainer Pilates model seems like the best equipment for those who want Pilates in addition to strength training. I ultimately came up with nine reasons the Bayou Comprehensive Trainer is the highest value home gym equipment on the market.

1) It provides the most capabilities and highest quality in its price structure.

2) With its 4-point pulley system plus the ability to add free weights, it offers more resistance levels than several other exercise machines in its class.

3) It includes the deluxe capabilities and accessories of the many other machines at no additional charge.

No assembly needed.
It has 11 height adjustments to increase resistance.
300 pound user capacity
Maximum User Height 6′ 7″
Ball Bearing Rollers
Even without adding dumbells it offers resistance up to 69% of your body weight
You are able to roll it into a closet on its oversized castors
Has a 2″ thick, dense foam cushion
An Arsenal of Accessories and Attachments
> > Bicep Curling Brace
> > Abdominal Training Strap
> > Press Bar with regard to curls or rows or other exercises
> > Power bar with retainers so you can easily add free weights
> > Chrome Pull-up Push-up Bar
> > Foot strap to maintain feet for sit-ups
> > Extra Big Heavy Duty Squat Board
> > A few separate independent hand grips
> > Dual Leg Cuffs
Standard 3-point and advanced 4-point Pulley Systems
Lifetime Roller, Rope and Pulley Warranty
Hassle Free Full Year Parts Warranty
Four Work out program Cards
User Manual
Folds and Rolls for Easy Storage
DVD with Full Body Workout Routine
4) It has a second pulley configuration called a 4 Point Pulley System offering a greatly increased selection of resistance levels for advanced strength training that non-e of the other machines I found offered at any selling price.

5) It provides the capability to add free weights to increase the resistance dramatically on all exercises at any setting.

6) Changing between most exercises takes only seconds

7) The Total Trainer is easy to setup, fold down together with roll into a closet

8) In contrast to nearly all the other machines I looked at I could discover no major grumbles about it.

9) The equipment and model from Bayou’s major and better known competitor that would have provided comparable functions and benefits was priced a lot higher.

Now you know why I chose the Total Coach. I’m very satisfied with the Total Trainer from Bayou. The machine still works, feels and looks like new when five years of regular use.